In the lavender garden
I saw the city surrounded in green
I am young and just born, crying
Here you wept and wept red.
I am the lady who ate sweet pink knowledge,
A well-rounded mind, like the face of the mother I didn’t have.

I thought that Babel was about knowledge, you said it meant power.
Two sides of the same coin that bought and traded in a city called Babylon where we distinguished language and foreigners and became imperialists.
There, you wanted to one-up me, I wanted to understand. And lost in my words, your works, you kept building.

The cities came crashing down
under foot
You crushed the snake
That whispered knowledge to me
Am I wise like the serpent?
Innocent like the dove?
Love dovetails into my skin
Little daggers in your temples
The noble Lord and King
Rivers of blood until the worms broke down the soil
And flowers grew from my mind.

I am crumbled soil
Covered by stones and moss
The gardener told me I used my language well.
He had to lock the garden at night,
So the kids in the city wouldn’t sneak in and colour the garden.
Red and pink and grey and green.


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January 8, 2014 · 10:08 am

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