The Carpenter and his Hands

He’s got dirty hands and he’s learning how to have a looser hold on things.

For a long time, he’s had his hands in a lot of pies. A meddler- but with skill not necessarily malice. He couldn’t help but give a hand to help. To reach a hand to fix, or realign. And most often, he had the midas touch- and finished everything with a seal of approval.

Sometimes, however, he stretched his hand too far. In making that final adjustment, he put the timber out of place. He had worked so hard with the plumb line to have things line up. That extra touch of the finger was one too much.

His finger prints are everywhere, all over his shop, all over his work. Naturally, he’s a man who works with his hands. But now he’s attempting a more hands-off approach. He’s been coating his hands in shellac so that dirt slides off, so that he stops seeing his fingerprints everywhere. He’s realigning the posture of his hands.


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