the voice of the art

Art is the reverberation of many inklings of the soul. The echo bounces off the walls, transporting and transforming thoughts and ideas. Art is a dynamic concept, leaping off from illusory two dimensional surfaces, onto moving tracks and waves of sounds. It is movement, that weaves through the thoughts that came and go and stay and dwell in the inner recesses of our minds.

A writer once said that the artist’s job was to justify his audience’s sentiments. The writer recognises and substantiates the deep, the depressive or the shocking thoughts that we have dwelt upon. The artist is a voice in the desert, calling out what we are too afraid to shout; they etch out of pavements and walls and canvases the images pass through our mind. The artist is then he who traps thoughts, images or ideas and materialises them.

This is a dangerous step because the thought or idea or image may be extreme, violent or visceral. To captivate the thoughts of the human mind and bring them into the physical world is a grand responsibility. It is that passion to voice and echo emotion that is so attractive in any artist. The pre-Raphaelite brotherhood returned to an art of emotion and expression. They were not at all interested in reproducing patterns or perfecting artisan work. They were lovers of feeling.

The artists are collating and collecting the voices that pass them. Whilst others may let the voices slide by, the artist stops and shuffles the words in a crucible, looking for the words of gold, salt or flesh amongst the dust and the dirt. They are not necessarily the bearers of original information (another point for another time), but they are the voice for what may be otherwise left unsaid.

They are voices that may clarify or complicate a ready issue. They are the tenants of deep emotion, bearers of burdens and count on connection. The voices surround us, even today, wrapping us in a melody of beauty, passion, love, tragedy and hope. They are out amongst us, tying our hearts together, sometimes accidentally mixing up the ropes. They are tying our hearts to our chest so that we might be able to hear our heart beat a little louder. They are conspiring against us and with us, all to point us towards what our hearts are truly saying.


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