last year I didn’t want September to come. I

listened to Bon Iver re: stacks and As Tall As Lion: milk and honey. went to st. vincents with my blue 1-2 section travel ten. discovered High Tea with Mrs Woo. cherished a ceramic quote tag. received a cute lamb made of socks from sam. snuck to The Cafe while she was sleeping. got mum to sew eyes on lamb. looks like a zombie. Birthday month [September 17]. ate a cupcake from Jess Robins at the Glebe Bookstore Cafe filled up on sencha vanilla. discovered the Bunker. ate dippy eggs. discovered Croc in a Rock at Cafe Ish on Albion. drank tea on a windy day in rosie’s room, the first warmth of spring. Love Sydney. a fight for Life. Lizard men, bad dreams and ICU. the bronte bus from UTS to St Vincents with grandma, my iPod or Margot Nash. wrote a screenplay; entitled Murphy’s Law. went to Melbourne. closed my eyes through the second screening of Le Chien Andalou. went to Maling Rd. bought vintage maps. ate boeuf bourguignon pie. satisfied cravings since masterchef. breakfasted on Chapel. made a moopy didnt have enough stuffing.procrastinateduni by talking to Silvia and Pete in the flat. discovered Drops like Stars. gazed upon wisteria in the Hospice garden. forgot Jack’s birthday present. discovered the Hipstamatic app. drank affogatos + ate chicken tramezzinis at Bacino. started speaking Italian at work. first word: doppio– double shot for the win. drank a coffee cocktail. partied in the USA with miley. first icecream at Messina. had crepes with mum at Newport. Zubi opens. Mums stays the night at st vincents. Pete and Silvia stay the days in warriewood. shopped with Steph Austin. hemmed my first skirt.

last year I said to mum “wake me up when September ends”. last year mum quoted in her blog, Rumi; “where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure.” there was so much ruin. in fact the very structures of life. broke down. the physical became emotional. emotional became spiritual. and a spiritual fight became physical life. on September 3 [Love Sydney] we prayed. Sam fought. on September 17 [my  birthday] we celebrated. Sam was released from Hospital.

what greater treasure is there than life? we thank God for the big miracle of life and now we thank God for all the tiny miracles he places in our lives. God brought little hopes in a month of ruin. in September i discovered so much. God taught me about beauty in the midst of breakdown. there was no greater joy than being able to eat spagetti and pizza at a noisy italian restaurant on September 17.

this year i said to mum “i’m so excited for September.” it’s my birthday. i’m going to India. and i’m going to see my friend imogen there [who i met last september]. this is a new September for Sam. today is the first day of spring. there is new hope, new joy, new life. As Bern Williams (quoted in [Spring]) wrote “The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring.” thankyou God for hope. thankyou God for life. Thankyou God for September. thankyou God for Spring.



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6 responses to “September

  1. On the inside cover of drops like stars Bronte Waller wrote: “… May we find together that as much is stripped away, much is gained and discovered.”

  2. Sam

    It seems as though you ate alot last September. Did you do that for me? All I remember eating was apple purée and lemonade. I don’t remember alot of last September. Except the struggle to survive. All I know is what my family tell me. My hallucinations, my septic infection, my inability to eat and the fluid that was so retrained inside of me that they squeezed me out with lasix. You see all the beautiful things in life. I’m so glad you saw them even while you were struggling to come to terms. This September will be the best one yet.

    • emma

      yeah it will be.
      the food was incredible. i even got eating your hospital food. maybe thats when the overactive thyroid kicked in?!
      i remember sitting on your bed on my birthday. you were so very sick. and very tired. even still you made such effort to make it a special day for me,
      thankyou so much. x

  3. silvia

    Thanks for sharing tea with an old bird yesterday.

    Speaking of last September…. we were all too frantic to plant those lawn daisy’s and it’s been on my mind ever since…. need to do that before you leave?
    Yes, September really is the best month, thanks for jotting down last years memories. I think we will relish the beauty of this spring more than ever before.

    P.S How funny that Peter may have moved from building in Warriewood but is STILL building!

    • emma

      haha, thanks for shouting the earl grey for me! it was fun.

      daisies are so lovely! that would be pretty. ah pete, i dont think he’ll stop!

  4. liv

    em, this is beautiful and heartbreaking (in a good way)

    hope you’re safe and well and enjoying india

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