a crossroad

for some reason this won’t paragraph. imagine an extra space every four lines… x

Indigo would have been Hamlet’s favourite colour.

Indigo is the colour of the crossroad.

It’s the colour of the threshold,

It’s the colour of in-between.

The crossroads is the place at which we find ourselves.

The crossroad is where the ideas intersect

It’s where horizontal meets vertical

It’s where flesh and spirit meet.

The intellect meets the imagination.

The numbers meet the letters

The cross spirals into a circle

Like a fan moving at full speed.

The juncture is a place that is hard to define

The juncture is not angled, round nor black nor white.

Its fishmongers meeting soliloquies

And frivolity meeting syllogisms.

I tried to write a syllogism

But I could not conform to the pattern

And for a moment I thought ‘stop trying to control me!’

And wished my skin would just… melt.

Oh dear. This matter cannot be understood.

It is like wheels within wheels etc.

The wheel has come full circle.

The spiralling fan has slowed down.



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2 responses to “a crossroad

  1. wow. your so talented! i love this xx

  2. far out Emma.
    you amaze me.
    you amaze me.
    you amaze me.

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