on a more personal note…

I would like to share some of my daily habits…

Inspired by siximpossible and my friend who is hardlyworking, I have been called to dream… and to dream bigger.

So lately when I wake, I write down six impossible things and I make sure I do it “before breakfast”. (see alice’s adventure’s in wonderland).

So I start my  day thinking of six impossible things.

I was taught by the girlonaswing to think of ten tiny miracles and thank God.

I was reading an article in Madison magazine (at the hairdresser’s) on happiness. They suggested to write a ‘gratitude journal’. I would call this my list of ten tiny miracles.

This for me, means thanking God for any miracle of the day. The miracle can indeed be tiny, or large. It can be thanking God for being at the front of the cue as the Spit Bridge rises; or a beautiful saucer at coffee. It can be the invitation of a friend to hang out; or an answered pray.

My six impossible things start my day and my ten tiny miracles finishes it.

I like it like that.


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  1. you’ve inspired me to do this too 🙂

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