a true story

So I was walking back to my car in Avalon today when an old lady stopped me.

“Is this the way to Avalon shopping centre?”

It turned out she had had an argument, and had gotten out of the car mid-way through.

She was eighty-something and wanted to walk all the way back to her Newport beach-front property.

I said its too far a walk and offered her a lift.

She said her mother told her never to take rides from strangers.

She then told me “its silly really, you see, I had an arguement with my husband. I got out and slammed the door. We were very angry at one another…”

I told her it was okay. I told her that if she wanted to look for her husband, the shops were that way or if she wanted to go home, Newport was that way. I told her that it was a long walk to the top of the hill so I could give her a lift and she could then catch the bus.

She said her mother told her never to take rides from strangers.

Let’s clarify.

Me: 19 year old girl with free time and a car

Her: 80 something. flustered. nervous. unable to walk up a hill.

She didn’t know her address. She didn’t have a phone. She didn’t know anyone’s phone number. She didn’t know the way or the roads because she never drove. She didn’t even know what her husband’s car looked like.

I got out my map to see if she could recognise her street. She couldn’t.

The conversation had lasted about half an hour.

“I really thought he would come back and get me. I guess he isn’t looking for me.”

I didn’t know what else I could do. I really thought she should take the lift.

Soon enough (after 30mins) a blue mercedes convertible pulls up behind my car.

It was her husband. He got out, said thankyou to me and opened the door for her.

The End. (I sort of hope I won’t be a similar stubborn eighty-something year old).



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3 responses to “a true story

  1. wow, that story has alot of parallels that i will run with. thankyou! xx

  2. Clare Froggatt

    I love this Emma. And its true you should always listen to your mother’s advice…except when she is wrong!

  3. jo peacock

    so glad the old lady met you emma, just like you to be so patient with her.Like your mother i love it to.Lots of love Grandma xxxxxxx

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