You are Hannah

“You are Hannah, a lover of life, a strength to those who shared in your friendships. You are a dream, a creator of happiness, an artist who has touched a thousand souls. You’ve led a full life and wanted for nothing because your needs are spiritual and you have only to look inside you. You are kind and loyal and you are able to see a beauty where others do not. You are a teacher of wonderful lessons, a dreamer of better things.”

– The Notebook (Nicholas Sparks) p. 164

My response?

“No actually, my name is Allie.” (Just joking)

I just like his words.

ps. mum always wanted this on her tombstone- how morbid.



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2 responses to “You are Hannah

  1. such a fabulous story! love your thoughts xx

  2. Clare Froggatt

    Its true! Ever since I read The Notebook I have wanted that on my tombstone. Then your Dad uses it against me everytime I want to buy something, reminding me that “I am Hannah…my needs are spiritual.” Not kind! It is such a lovely quote.

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