“Oh Your Love is a Symphony” – Switchfoot

I breath in as the day begins. The stars fall, sliding as the sweeping sun rises and I open my eyes. The fire bright sun tells the city lights to surrender to its glory, its glow. There’s a rhythm, I tune myself to the sound; to the sweet whisper. I walk out of my house, my step is a beat that reverberates all around me. My feet mark out a path; a rhythm insynch with the Symphony.

Oh but my feet, they get it wrong. My mind, it listens to a different song. I am Piano Class Grade 1, against a sky of Debussy. Oh but I haven’t lost it yet. My hands are guided, my eyes are surrendered, the sunset captivates my heart. The sky fades out. Lights, quiet on the set, snap. A moment; my heart is fixed. It palpitates to a rhythm that it cannot keep up with. But it can.


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