something about mountains and mist

Maybe there’s a mountain or two in the distance.

Maybe there’s a bit of fog or snow.

Maybe I can’t quite see the peak,

or maybe I just don’t know.

Maybe I’ll get to the top and I’ll see from there.

Maybe I’ll dream another dream.

Maybe I’ll see some more mountains to climb

or maybe I won’t want to get down.

Maybe once I start to climb, it will all make sense.

Maybe the fog and mist will disappear.

Maybe it will become more clear.

or maybe it won’t.

Maybe climbing mountains is easy.

Maybe I can take the inclinator.

Maybe sometimes getting down is hard

like abseiling.

Maybe I’ll be climbing mountains forever

Maybe I’ll see a vision from the peak.

And maybe I won’t make it there,

But will know someone who does it.



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5 responses to “something about mountains and mist

  1. Dear Em,
    I love your writing. So much so I wish that you would post a new one daily (seriously).
    Thankyou for having the boldness to put your emotions and personality into your writing, it is refreshing to read stuff that is written with passion!
    I eagerly await your next post.

  2. i love this SO much my dear emma. you amaze me. much love xx

  3. liv

    (let’s climb a mountain together) x

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