My assignment?

To write a story, not of my own.

My task?

To weave a story with words, phrases and pictures,

with things I did not say.

Here goes:


(Dear Grandma, Don’t print this it will take up too much ink)



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6 responses to “Assignment

  1. aplacetogetlost

    how come you always do things better than me? haha. such a sister thing to say. i love love love it. you inspire me. pizza time! x.

    • emma

      I didn’t do it better
      I did it differently,
      And if I wasn’t inspire by your own blog I wouldn’t have done it at all!

  2. Clare Froggatt

    Ok, so am I like you or are you like me? And why did we choose the same photo, the same week for a blog about thinking outside the box? And does that make me cool like you are? I have amazing daughters. I like the way you think but maybe we are in the same box?

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